Development - Development Part 1 I What is development A...

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Development: Part 1 I. What is development? A. Age-related change that occurs as a person progresses from conception to death B. Developmental Psychology: Research area devoted to the study of development II. Key questions about development A. How do we change as we age? B. What causes something to develop? C. What causes individual differences? III. Relevant course themes A. Behavior is determined by multiple causes B. Behavior is shaped by cultural heritage C. Heredity and environment jointly influence behavior IV. Focus on the Interplay of Genes and Environment A. What do genes do? 1. Analogy from reading: Genes are like books in a library 2. Transcription (reading of the gene): Active expression of the gene a. DNA sequence is translated into protein b. That protein does something meaningful, such as build receptors for neurotransmitter 3. Epigenetic mechanisms: Factors around or in addition to the gene that influence whether the gene will be active or silent a. Example: Methylation (methyl chemical group silences gene by reducing accessibility of DNA for transcription) 4. Genes are not necessarily in the driver’s seat; they depend on experience to activate or
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Development - Development Part 1 I What is development A...

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