Psychological Disorders and Treatment

Psychological Disorders and Treatment - Psychological...

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Psychological Disorders and Treatment Counseling Resources for UNC Students 1. Counseling and Wellness Services (CWS), phone: 966-3658, webpage: 2. Psychological Services at Davie Hall Clinic, phone: 962-6906, webpage: The study of psychological disorders involves description and explanation of abnormal behavior. I. Description of Psychological Disorders A. What is abnormal? 1. Normality as a continuum Abnormality is an extreme form of something that we normally experience - something outside of the normal part of the continuum 2. Criteria of abnormal behavior: Behavior may be abnormal if it is a. Socially deviant - what do the most people in the group say is "normal"? b. Maladaptive - dysfunctional - interferes with regular life c. Personally distressing - are they suffering because of it? d. Disturbing or harmful to others e. Not rationally justifiable B. Diagnosis 1. Involves identifying a set of specific symptoms and problems a. Symptoms: abnormalities in behavior, emotion, and/or thought b. Problems: difficulties caused by the symptoms, not the symptoms themselves 2. DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) a. Provides a formal classification system b. Lists diagnostic criteria for over 200 psychological disorders c. Current edition: DSM – IV (do not memorize Figure 13.2 on page 406) C. Prevalence: How many people have a psychological disorder? 1. About 1 in 6 adults in US currently have a psychological disorder
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Psychological Disorders and Treatment - Psychological...

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