Themes Values and Motifs

Themes Values and Motifs - 1. Humility Methods 1....

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Themes, Values and Methods of Psychology Themes Theme 1: Psychology is Empirical - rely on a certain kind of thing to find out about people We use systematic observation and data collection to find out -need evidence! Based on observation Uses evidence-based decision making and practice Theme 2: Psychology is Theoretically Diverse Psychoanalytic Behavioral Cognitive Humanistic Biological Evolutionary Theme 3: Psychology Evolves in a Sociohistorical Context Theme 4: Behavior is Determined by Multiple Causes Theme 5: Behavior is shaped by culture Theme 6: Heredity and environment jointly influence behavior Theme 7: People’s Experience of the World is Highly Subjective Values 1. Objectivity 1. Skepticism 1. Open-mindedness
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Humility Methods 1. Observation and Inference a. Observation: Directly witnessing the experience of another or yourself; report what your senses register b. Inference: Conclusion based on observations 1. Descriptive research methods a. Direct observation b. Self-report c. These methods are often part of correlational studies to determine the link between two variables Advantage: Describe relationships between variables Disadvantage: Cannot explain cause and effect 1. Experimental research Manipulate one variable to see how it affects another variable Advantage: Can draw conclusions about cause and effect Disadvantages: May be artificial; it is not possible to experiment on some things...
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Themes Values and Motifs - 1. Humility Methods 1....

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