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In our presentation, We'll discuss various perspectives of airport security harmony and the various violation taking place in different area's of the globe. The issue of Airport Security can be looked at many different ways. Is there too much injustice treatment? Is there too little regulations? Is there a need for change? Who's responsible for rights violation in Airports? Are Airports safe? If they are not, how can we make them safe? all these are the questions need be answered in politicly correct manner. As a socity we grant every indivitaul human rights, we also grant safty as well. When these two themes become in opposision which side do we stand by and where do we draw the line. In our research we will use different databases, such as electronic
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Unformatted text preview: journals, government documents and others helpful resources in researching our topic. our research will indicate an understading of arirport security and injustices that can ocurr. furthmore there are also many hard cover books availibe at the laibary as well as directories concerning this perticular topic. It is without a hesitaion to say that many types of indivituals have been mistread and their human rights were violated in both demosticly and internationally. Our focus of this topic will be from both prespectives such as the prespective of the indivituals as well as the prespectives of the airport security....
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