Lecture_8 - 12 Nov 09 BioS 230 lecture Based on Chapters...

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12 Nov 09 BioS 230 lecture 13 Interspecific Competition There is only so much material in the biosphere. The growth of every population is limited by the materials that have already been withdrawn by other species. Given adequate amount of moisture, plants are space-filling. If you look down from above the world is green. The increase in one species necessarily means displacement of other species. Elimination of weeds increases the success of the plants that we want. Figure 13.5 (p 263) long term changes in species composition in grass community How strong is the case for precipitation? Can you think of any other factors that might lead to change of species composition? Have you heard of idea of succession? Species compete to get and maintain resources. They struggle both with abiotic factors and with other species. Patterns of zonation around wetlands are common, see the salt-marsh wetlands Fig 13.10 (p271) Species (or even subpopulations of species such as male vs female or juvenile vs adult) have different requirements for living and also have different things they do. The word NICHE is used to describe that phenomenon. When we grow plants in our yards (or in arboretum) it turns out that a lot of species can be grown as long as we protect them from other species (eg by weeding). It is also true of pets… we maintain them by devoting energy and resources to their maintenance. BUT we cannot grow all plants or maintain all animals so there are aspects of species needs that we do not understand or cannot provide. The broader range of conditions in which a species can survive (with alone) is called the fundamental
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Lecture_8 - 12 Nov 09 BioS 230 lecture Based on Chapters...

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