PHYSICS NOTES - CHAPTER 1 Measurement and Problem Solving...

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CHAPTER 1: Measurement and Problem Solving 1.1 Why and How We Measure o Physics is concerned with the description and understanding of nature , measurement is one of its most important tools o Perception of color is subjective ; it may vary from one person to another. Light received by our eyes can be described in terms of wavelengths and frequencies. Different wavelengths are associated with different colors because of the physiological response of our eyes to light. o Measurements are objective ; they are the same for everyone. Wavelengths can be measured. o Physics attempts to describe and understand nature in an objective way through measurement Standard Units o System of Units: a group of standard units and their combinations o Two major systems of units in use today: Metric System and British System o British system- used in United States o Metric system- used by rest of world o Different units in same system or different system can be used to describe the same thing. o It is always best to work consistently within the same system of units. 1.2 SI Units of Length, Mass, and Time o Mechanics (the study of motion and force) require only physical quantities: length, mass, and time. o The system of units used to represent these and other quantities are based on the metric system o Modern version of the metric system is called the International System of Units ( SI ) o SI includes base quantities and derived quantities, which are described by base units and derived units, respectively. o
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PHYSICS NOTES - CHAPTER 1 Measurement and Problem Solving...

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