TEAM MEMO ch. 7 - Memorandum DATE TO FROM SUBJECT Mr...

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Memorandum DATE: TO: Mr. Orendorff FROM: Team 30 SUBJECT: Writing Business Messages This memo is to inform fellow students on how to write routine and positive messages by applying the three-step writing process. They will be enlightened of the strategies for writing positive messages and routine requests and replies. Students will be able to explain how to ask for specific actions in a courteous manner and knowing who is responsible when granting claims and requests for adjustment. In addition, they will be able to describe the importance and effectiveness of goodwill messages and how creating informative messages and responding to information requests differ. The following information can be found in Chapter 7. USE OF THREE STEP WRITING PROCESS ON ROUTINE AND POSITIVE MESSAGES: Plan the message Write the message Complete the message STRATEGIES FOR WRITING ROUTINE REQUESTS: A. State your request up front 1. Write in a polite, undemanding, personal tone. 2. Use the direct approach 3. Be specific and precise B. Explain and justify your request 1. Justify the request
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TEAM MEMO ch. 7 - Memorandum DATE TO FROM SUBJECT Mr...

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