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1 - what is the “x” in xhtml Extensible what is...

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COGS 3 Notes syntax rules: 1. contain one root element (<html> . . . </html>) 2. all elements must have a start and end tag 3. elements must be nested properly 4. attributes must be placed in the start tag and no attributes can appear more than once 5. elements names are case sensitive (example - XHTML ¹ xhtml) · Quiz Review - what is a text editor? a smart text editor that has knowledge of html - what is xhtml? Extensible Hyertext Markup Language
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Unformatted text preview: - what is the “x” in xhtml? Extensible- what is filename extension? . . .html- what are the 4 syntax rules?- what is an empty tag? an example is <br /> it does not need an end tag- what is nesting?- What are the three types of styles to incorporate into your html? global, linked, and inline- What is the order of importance of built in?...
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