Course Outline ECN 211 Fall 2009correct

Course Outline ECN 211 Fall 2009correct - ECN 211:...

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ECN 211: Macroeconomic Principles Fall 2009, TTH 10:30 – 11:45 pm. BAC 116 Instructor: Dr. Jose Mendez Phone: 965-2723 Email: Jose.Mendez@ASU.EDU Please use ‘ECN 211’ in the subject line so it is more noticeable. Office: BAC 685 Office Hrs: M & W, 12:00-1:30 pm; or by appointment Text: W. Boyes and M.Melvin, Macroeconomics , 7 th Edition Textbook bundled with required study guide Website: Aplia – Online Homework Course Description This course covers traditional topics in the macroeconomics such as the measurement and determination of national income, economic growth, the business cycle, and fiscal and monetary policies. In addition to in-class examinations as in a traditional course, your grade will also be based on your performance on weekly online assignments. These assignments will have a set due date and time (typically Saturday evening at 10 p.m.) and will collectively count for 25 percent of your grade. Course Materials Three items are required for this course: the textbook, the study guide that accompanies the textbook, and access to online homework problems through Aplia. To reduce cost, the book, the study guide, and an Aplia Access Card are bundled together and available at the campus bookstore. The Access Card contains a Payment Code that you can enter on Aplia’s website as payment for your Aplia course. Once you have purchased the bundle and have the Aplia Access Card with the Payment Code, go to the Aplia website ( ) and register. Instructions follow below: Aplia Registration Instructions 1.  Connect to . 2.  Click the  System Configuration Test  link below the  Sign In  and  Register  sections to make  sure you can access all of the features on Aplia's website. This takes just a few seconds and 
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This note was uploaded on 01/23/2010 for the course ECN 72570 taught by Professor Mendez during the Fall '09 term at ASU.

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Course Outline ECN 211 Fall 2009correct - ECN 211:...

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