Chapter 1 - part 2

Chapter 1 part 2 - 3 pop growth is a non-issue and what is really needed is more economic and social development 4 some add a fourth population is

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Human Pop today = at least 90% in developing world Large proportions of youth in developing world needs of population now, and later - compared with an aging population in the developed world projection vs prediction projection = size of population at a future date based on set of assumptions about the demographic process (how a country evolves demograpically overtime); breaks down births, deaths, migration adn then makes projections based on that prediction = implies more accuracy, but may not be so mathematical vs component measures example: Phx (and Valley) population is tough to make assumptions or projections or predictions about - because: long-time magnate for outsiders (from US, from N. America, from all over world); part-time residents (snow birds); climate or environmental pulls; climate or environmental pushing (push-pull factors) At least 3 political positions about population 1 - pop growth is a crisis 2 - pop growth will intensify other social problems
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Unformatted text preview: 3 - pop growth is a non-issue, and what is really needed is more economic and social development 4 - some add a fourth - population is in decline, so it is the almost the opposite of #1 (overall US perspective) Laissez-Faire perspective = let individuals decide a related issue on population: Cultural Genocide: Rwanda, Darfur; Guatemala; Holocaust; Bosnia & other ethnic (cleansing) wars a related issue: Population Ethics - can a government of an overpopulated country (think China) coerce a woman to have an abortion? Individual vs. Society? who decides? Population & Business issues: Range & Threshold Also, business forcasting - social security paid to retirees; who are the Baby Boomers, and what are their demands/needs? Politics: You tell me what's going on out there. Who's saying what about whom? And how is the demographics of an aging America making changes? Labor Force Issues Education & School Enrollment Issues...
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