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Chapter 2 notes - Blackboard

Chapter 2 notes - Blackboard - Chapter 2 Population Data...

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Chapter 2 – Population Data – main points Gathering data – types of data o Primary o Secondary o www.census.gov (US) Uses of Demographic Information 1. Planning, policy guidelines, projections 2. Monitoring trends 3. Scientific studies Age Data - The central variable in demography o “birth cohort membership” (where someone falls in the ‘population age-structure diagram’ Brings about questions of: o Mortality, fertility, nuptuality (p. 30 ‘age as the passage of personal time is, in short, the link between the history of the individual and the history of the population.”) Where/How will you be counted? o De Facto o De Jure Definition of Urban – difficulties o Size o Administrative Functions o Legal Identity o Site Characteristics 1990, the US Census Bureau definition of “urban” Migration & Areal Subdivision – what are the questions to ask around the topic of migration Types of Records for demographic analysis o Census enumerations o Vital registration o Samples surveys o
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