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Chapter 10 - Population and Food Supply

Chapter 10 - Population and Food Supply - Population and...

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Population and Food Supply Earth is growing faster than world’s food supply Ultimately, food availability affects human carrying capacity - Agricultural Revolution – 10,000 – 12,000 years ago (about 8,000 BC) - Humans began to diminish the varieties of food they ate - Only some varieties selected for domestication. - Today, supermarkets and chain restaurants have restricted our diets even more Each year we add 76 million people to the planet - Planet has finite resources – cultivable land, clean water, clean air… - High #s of people; and the demands of the affluent put pressure on resources - To produce meat requires more cereals and grains (to feed the cattle). This grain is not for human consumption – and indeed often produced in places where people are starving - The higher we eat on the food chain, the more demand we place on agricultural lands (Hark back a couple of chapters to the Mediterranean diet) Current Trends in Food Production -
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