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Transcription = RNA synthesis Initiation promoter region, Elongation, Termination Inititation when all RNA polymerase and other enzymes come together and start Elongation makes the beginning nucleotide of RNA Termination when RNA polymerase stops and falls off Promoter is an exposed piece of DNA then helps RNA polymerase keep going Alphabet in DNA = A,T,G,C Alphabet in RNA = A,U,G,C DNA is double stranded and RNA is single Words in the RNA are codons- have 3 nucleotides. AUG is a start codon
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Unformatted text preview: • 2 different types of RNa o mRNA- messenger, codes for the gene, has codons in it o tRNA- transfer, brings in the amino acid, has anticodons, looks like three leaf clover. Anticodon pairs with codon on transfer RNA. If the codon said AUG on messenger RNA the anticodon would be opposite = UAC o rRNA- Ribosomal, binds with proteins and makes a ribosome in the cytoplasm, site where amino acid covalently linked into a protein • RNA reads 5’ to 3’ • DNA reads 3’ to 5’ •...
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