30aw1 - Chem 30A Winter 2006 Prof Garrell CHEM 30A WEEK'I...

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Unformatted text preview: Chem 30A, Winter 2006 Prof. Garrell CHEM 30A WEEK'I SYNOPSm GOALS AND ASSIGNMENTS FOR JAN. 9 THROUGH JAN. 13, 2006 MOLECULAR STRUCTURES 8c REACTION ENERGETICS TOPICS: G OALS: Lewis structure recap Formal charges Oxidation and reduction in organic chemistry Reaction energetics: Gibbs free energy change, activation energy , reaction mechanisms Overview of reaction types Representations of molecules, from molecular formulas to three-dimensional visualization Functional groups Bond and molecular dipoles; polarity Lewis structures and resonance Molecular orbital theory recap Refresh your Lewis structure—drawing skills, including assignment of formal charges Be able to recognize oxidation and reduction (Read text pp. 232—235; will not be covered explicitly in lecture, but concept will be used.) Understand the following terms: Gibbs free energy reaction rate exergonic functional group endergonic carbocation exothermic reaction intermediate endothermic rate-determining step potential energy diagram reaction coordinate transition state activation energy(Ea, AGl) reaction mechanism homolytic heterolytic radical Become familiar with the various two- and three-dimensional representations of molecules, and the structural information each reveals. Be able to identify functional groups (Molcular structures synopsis, p. of 2) y 4:7;huwlsrmmwuw" wmmig m w MW‘ V Mara,»me c ,- i s “we ., y,’»t.::‘MiSMkk/WK.<“¢J Maw,» mmm a» w:.~.nwmmm:a la; .mxmmmmymthWM-m ASSEGNMENWS! READINGS \/ BFI: Sections 1.1—1.4, 6.2,6.5 (pp. 232-5) OTHER RESOURCES \/ Weeks’s Pushing Electrons: Section on formal charge, pp. 20-25 and Chapter 1 (Lewis structures) PROBLEMS BFI: Ch. 1: #25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 33-39, 41-44. If you want to get a head start on next week: #48, 50,21,53—55, 57, 58. . ..m0re to come. Extra problem A. - Write Lewis structures for each of the following compounds. (If needed, review the section in your general chemistry textbook on Lewis structures, or review the material in the Pushing Electrons workbook. Note that we’ll be recapping Lewis structures in Week 2.) a) CH3CHZOH (ethanol) b) CF3COOH (trifluoroacetic acid, or TFA) c) (CH3)2CO (acetone) d) CH2C12(dichloromethane) e) C6H6 (benzene) - In which compound is the boldface type of carbon atom in the highest oxidation state? In the lowest oxidation state? - Name the functional group, if any, in each of the above compounds. UPCOMING DATES 8c DEADLINES: January 20 is the last day to drop Chem 30A (impacted class). ...
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30aw1 - Chem 30A Winter 2006 Prof Garrell CHEM 30A WEEK'I...

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