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Chem 30A, Winter 2006 Prof. Garrell Chem 30A Week 6+ Synopsis: Alkenes, Alkynes & their Reactions Goals and Assignments for Feb. 13 through Feb. 17/22 Readings & Topics: NOTE: readings/topics on syllabus are incomplete! Use this as your guide! 1. On your own (no lecture): Readings : 5.1-5.2, p. 194, 5.4, 7.2 7.4 Topics: • Hydrogen deficiency (p. 184) • Naming alkenes (IUPAC; cis-trans; E,Z ) • Isoprene (know what it is); terpenes (general interest reading) • Alkyne nomenclature • Alkyne acidity 2. Will be discussed in lecture Readings : 6.1, 6.3-6.7 (we did 6.2 and some of 6.5 already); 7.5-7.9 Topics: • Energy diagrams and concepts (refresh on your own as necessary) • Characteristic reactions (see summary p. 205) • Key alkene reactions (see summary pp. 249-250) [reagents AND mechanisms!]
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Unformatted text preview: • Putting stereochemical terms to use (see summary pp. 260-263) • Key alkyne reactions (see summary pp. 260-263) PROBLEMS : from BFI 4 th edition (in addition to in-chapter problems!) Ch. 5: 13, 14, 16, 34a Ch. 6 : ALL. (Suggested groupings: 13-15; 16-40; 41-52.) Ch. 7: 10-12, 16-18. Recommended study aids: Flash cards are great tools for gaining facility with reactions. Be sure you can write reaction mechanisms on your own, no peeking at the book. Be sure you can recognize reaction patterns based on the reactants and reagents. [Note: if you understand the mechanisms, little memorization is required.] Upcoming dates : Monday, Feb. 20, is a holiday....
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