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Chem 30A, W’06 Prof. Garrell CHEM 30A Week 7/8 Synopsis: Substitution & Elimination Reactions: the Beginning Goals and Assignments for Feb. 24 through Mar. 3 TOPICS: General substitution (S N 1 and S N 2) reactions Common nucleophiles and the products they form Solvent properties: polarity; dielectric constant; protic/aprotic S N 1 and S N 2 reaction mechanisms, kinetics and energetics Factors determining reactivity patterns GOALS: Be able to recognize Brønsted and Lewis acids and bases in the context of nucleophilic substitution and β -elimination reactions, and to describe these reactions with chemical equations and curved arrow notation; Develop a knowledge base of different solvents and their properties; Be able to recognize common nucleophiles and leaving groups, and understand the structural origins of their reactivities; Understand how solvents influence reactivities of nucleophiles; Understand the stereochemistry of S N 1 and S N 2 reactions;
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