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ethers_worksheet - 3 Physical properties(e.g mp bp MW etc 4...

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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LANEY COLLEGE CHEM 12B INSTRUCTOR: S. CORLETT Ether and Derivatives Worksheet Name ________________________ (25 points for Projects) For each of the well-known compounds listed below find the following information. Likely sources of information are your textbooks (Wade, Pavia), the Internet (ChemFinder, Wikipedia), local newspaper (which can be searched on-line), or even our library (also searchable on-line). 1. Structure. 2. IUPAC (systematic) name.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Physical properties (e.g., mp, bp, MW, etc.). 4. Uses (e.g., industrial, medicinal, cosmetics – find as many as you can). 5. Derivation/Synthesis (where does is come from). 6. Hazards. 7. “In the News” – find a press release, newspaper or magazine article, or report about the chemical compound. The Compounds: a. epichlorohydrin b. sodium lauryl sulfate c. sodium laureth sulfate d. anisole e. propylene glycol...
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