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ACS_Exam_grading_scheme - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY CHEM 12B(L0030...

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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY SPRING 2008, LANEY COLLEGE CHEM 12B (L0030) INSTRUCTOR: S. CORLETT ACS Organic Exam: The Details. The ACS organic exam will be given on Wednesday, May 28 th , 2008 10-12 am in A 277. Arrive at 9:45 so that you have time to fill in some forms and so we can get started right on time. Everthing that you need for the exam will be provided, including pencils. No notes, calculators, models or tables are allowed in the testing area! Everything that you will need is provided. How will the standardized ACS exam be figured into my course grade? Your percent score will be based on national percentile ranking. A score at the 50th percentile is, by definition, average. Therefore the percentile score must be scaled to reflect grading on a 100-point scale and be consistent with the grade cutoffs listed in the course syllabus. The class average in organic chemistry is usually 75/100. Therefore, a student scoring at the 50th percentile on the ACS exam should receive a grade of approximately 75%. This scaling will be accomplished by the use of
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