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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LANEY COLLEGE CHEM 12A Version 2.0, 9/1/06 Chapter 7 Learning Objectives and Terminology Akenes are double bonded carbon bonds that contain a sigma and pi bond. Know the difference between sigma ( σ ) and pi ( π ) bonds. Know the possible orbital overlaps for each type of bond; there are several possible sigma bonds ( σ) : e.g., σ (sp 3 -sp 2 ) or σ (sp-1s), etc. ; but only one type of pi ( π) bond (p-p). The rotational barrier for alkenes is large (264 kJ/mole), so the configuration of the double bond is locked. Nomenclature of alkenes. Remember that if an alkene and alkyne are present in the same compound the name is of the form alk-en-yne and if given a choice the alkene gets the lowest number (e.g. ( Z )-hex-2-en-4-yne and not ( Z )-hex-4-en-2-yne) Understand the use of cis/trans and E/Z to label alkenes (note cis/trans is only used for alkanes when there are substituents on rings such as the cycloalkanes). Use the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog
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