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GC_data_analysis - ORGANIC CHEMISTRY CHEM 12A Gas...

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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LANEY COLLEGE CHEM 12A Version 1.0, 11/3/07 Gas Chromatography – Analysis of Data Part 1. Analysis of fractions from distillation of unknown Mixtures A, B, or C Posted on the class website is data for mixtures A, B and C. Choose one of them and perform the analysis of each of the fractions, 4 mL simple, 20 mL simple, 4 mL fractional, 20 mL fractional. At the beginning of each file (labeled “Mixture A,…” “Mixture B, …” “Mixture C, …” ) is the GC data for the 1:1 (v/v) mixture for A, B and C. In each file, what follows is the data for the analysis of each fraction obtained from the distillation experiment. Note that any mixture composed of cyclohexane and heptane, the cyclohexane peak has a longer retention time (contrary to the trend in boiling points). Choose a data set that matches the mixture that you (and your partner) distilled during the Distillation experiment. The goal of this analysis is to determine if the simple and fractional distillation gave better separations for your
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