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acetanilide - you should not have to read the textbook once...

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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LANEY COLLEGE CHEM 12A Preparation of Acetanilide. Reading Experiment 8 in Pavia. Technique 8 (Filtration, p 645) Technique 11 (Crystallization: Purification of Solids, p 679) Prelab Make an entry in your Laboratory notebook for this experiment. Include your Name , the Date , a Title for the experiment, and a brief Outline of the procedure that you will perform (see below). For this experiment, include the Chemical Equation for the reaction that you are performing (below). Also, you should make a Reagent Table to show the amounts of reagents that you plan to use (see Syllabus for an example). Determine which reagent is the limiting reagent and then calculate the theoretical yield of the product, acetanilide. All of the above can be successfully done prior to setting foot in the laboratory! Procedure Follow the procedure in Pavia. Omit the part about saving a sample that was not treated with activated charcoal . (Remember, you should have a brief outline of this procedure in your prelab so that
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Unformatted text preview: you should not have to read the textbook once you have entered the laboratory ). As you perform the experiment, it is important to record in your notebook the actual amounts of reagents that you use and the actual procedure that you perform, including any deviations from your outline or the textbook. Cover your final crystallized product and store it in your drawer to let it dry until the next week, then determine your product’s yield and melting point. To Complete the Experiment Weigh the dried recrystallized product and calculate your percent yield. Write a conclusion about your results. Include in your conclusion, the percent yield from your reaction and be sure to comment on the appearance and quality of your product. Answer the questions at the end of the experiment (1 through 6) Version 2.1 9/17/06 NH 2 H N O CH 3 + acetic acid CH 3 CO 2 H + acetic anhydride H 3 C O CH 3 O O acetanilide aniline...
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