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Laney College Fa11 2006 Name: Trigonometry Quiz #3 Show All Work!!! 1. (10 pts.) A regular hexagon (6-sided figure, with all equal sides) is inscribed in a circle of radius 4.0 cm. Approximate the perimeter of the hexagon. #+-,wuL Myk= C*-&(O-Q~J hY\b*pA+ 71 bxy=?Yun. 3L 3- s\nas
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Unformatted text preview: - Lt si n 3 O = X - 8 Z gd,%O 'X It- -$ a a. Convert - into degrees exactly. 15 b. Convert 720" into radian measure, leaving your answer in terms of a. (Don't approximate your answer by approximating a ) c. In what quadrant does the terminal side of the angle 43 radians lie?...
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