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CHEMISTRY 112B LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS Winter 2010 TEXTBOOKS Microscale Organic Laboratory: The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual: adapted for use in Chem 112B, UCR A Student’s Guide to Techniques Mayo, Pike, Trumper Zubrick, 7th edition John Wiley & Sons John Wiley & Sons LABORATORY INSTRUCTOR Lecture Instructors Professor Michael Pirrung Professor Richard Hooley Chemical Sciences 1, Room 448 Professor Michael Marsella (951) 827-2722, e-mail: [email protected] ACADEMIC COORDINATOR Dr. Rodney Jenks Science Laboratories 1, 103 (951) 827-3143; email: [email protected] SPECIAL LABORATORY INFORMATION (1) It is not possible to get a passing grade for the course without completing the laboratory. (2) Academic dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated in this lab. In addition to the sanctions imposed on laboratory grades, all such incidents will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct for administrative review. Students found to be cheating will receive a zero grade for the experiment and may be subject to dismissal from the class with a failing grade. Cheating includes (but is not limited to) turning in a report without doing the experiment, interfering with another student's work, removing chemicals or glassware from the laboratory, or providing test questions or answers to other sections. All students enrolled in this class are also responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Student Code of Conduct. The general rules and student rights in that document
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This note was uploaded on 01/23/2010 for the course CHEM 112B taught by Professor Scholler during the Winter '08 term at UC Riverside.

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w10-112BLABsyllabus (2) - C H E M I ST R Y 1 1 2 B L A B O...

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