Topic 13 WeeksChp4[5th]

Topic 13 WeeksChp4[5th] - 1 Weight loss(HIV wasting...

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Chapter 4 [Weeks, Alcamo] – Defining & Recognizing AIDS I. Defining AIDS A. Historical Case Definitions – changed over time to reflect medical/research understanding [don’t memorize specifics, just recognize evolution of how AIDS definition has changed in the USA] 1. 1983 [Table 4.1] 2. 1987 [Table 4.2] 3. 1993 [Table 4.3] B. Current Case Definitions [Table 4.4] 1. Adults, adolescents, children over 18 months of age 2. Newborn to 18 months of age II. “Timeline” after HIV exposure/infection & correlation with peripheral CD4+ T cells numbers [Table 4.5, Fig 4.3] A. Asymptomatic infection B. Symptomatic infection 1. Flu-like symptoms: fatigue, low fever, sore muscles 2. Diarrhea 3. Lymphadenopathy C. ‘Clinical latency’ (asymptomatic phase of HIV disease) may last for years D. AIDS-related complex (ARC is a historical term, no longer in widespread use)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Weight loss (HIV wasting syndrome, Table 4.8) 2. Chronic diarrhea 3. Persistent low grade fever 4. Fatigue/night sweats E. AIDS – chronic illness, characterized with one or more infectious diseases or other organ dysfunctions [CD4+ T cell count <200/ L of blood] (pgs. 105 – 116) 1. AIDS dementia (HIV encephalopathy, Table 4.9) 2. HIV nephropathy (kidney failure) 3. Kaposi’s sarcoma [Fig. 4.5] 4. Selected opportunistic pathogens/diseases [Table 4.10] - Pneumocystis pneumonia [Fig. 4.6] - toxoplasmosis - cryptosporidiosis - cryptococcis - candidiasis - cytomegalovirus (CMV) diseases - tuberculosis III. Other medical classification systems [you do not need to memorize the specifics of these] A. CDC classification: Stages I, II, III, and IV [Table 4.6] B. Walter Reed Classification system [Table 4.7] IV. Review: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 – 13, 15...
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Topic 13 WeeksChp4[5th] - 1 Weight loss(HIV wasting...

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