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Chapter 6 [Weeks, Alcamo] – Preventing HIV Transmission I. Personal protection A. Sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) / Sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) affect 1 in 4 Americans under the age of 55. 1. Chlamydia (bacterial) 2. Gonorrhea (bacterial) 3. AIDS (viral) B. Minimizing risk of HIV transmission through sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal, oral) 1. Abstinence 2. Monogomy 3. Getting “real” – barrier protection (condoms, dental dams) - Communication [No Excuses, Box 6.1; Healthline 6.1] - Effectiveness for HIV – Dr. Margaret Fischl’s study [Table 6.1] II. Minimizing risk through needle sharing among IDUs
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Unformatted text preview: A. Don’t share 1. Needle exchange programs (political dynamite) B. Getting “real” – disinfect your ‘works’ [Fig. 6.4; Healthline 6.2] III. Minimizing risk for health care workers A. Universal precautions/barrier protection as appropriate 1. gloves 2. gown 3. eye protection B. Decontamination procedures [Table 6.2] C. Risk of HIV infection [Fig. 6.8] IV. Minimizing risk for public safety workers A. Much the same as for health care workers [Table 6.4; Healthline 6.3] 1. Some specialized equipment for resuscitation V. Review: 2 – 6, 9 – 12, 15...
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