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MCB 161 Study Problems Lecture 5: DNA Replication (II) Problems 4-84 (a-c), 5-24, 5-43, 5-55, 5-66 Answers will be posted on the course web site. 1. Read Box 7-3 in the Watson text (pp. 180 – 181). Both the left and right panels in Figure 1 represent DNA strands from populations with regularly spaced nucleosomes. However, the nucleosomes in the right panel have been assembled in specific locations upstream of a particular gene whereas the ones in the left panel have been assembled in
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Unformatted text preview: random locations. If you were to cut these two DNA samples with a small amount of micrococcal nuclease (such that on average each DNA molecule is cut only a few times), run them out on a gel, and visualize the DNA with ethidium bromide, what would the samples look like? Draw out your gel image. Is this different than the result of the Southern blot shown in the text (p 181)? If so, why? What might be the biological consequences of precise positioning of nucleosomes?...
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