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Unformatted text preview: CHEM ENG 2A04 CHEM Heat Transfer Instructor: Konstantinos Apostolou ([email protected]) TAs: S. Chen S. J. Wang F. Bidzinski S. Falah Toosi ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected]) ([email protected]) Did you get the COURSE OUTLINE ? Meeting Time / Place Meeting Lectures Lectures Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 13:30 – 14:20 in JHE/264 JHE/264 Tutorials Tutorials T01 Thursday 14:30 – 16:20 in STARTS T29/105 THIS WEEK T29/105 STARTS NEXT WEEK T02 Monday 14:30 – 16:20 in T29/105 T29/105 Course Objectives Course Cover the principles of conversation of energy conversation mathematically model heat transfer problems. mathematically 1-D and 2-D problems 1-D solved analytically or numerically on a computer. analytically numerically Learn similarity between heat transfer, mass similarity heat transfer and fluid mechanics transfer fluid solution in one field can often be used to obtain solutions in the others. solutions Course Objectives Course The main objective will be to develop a strategy develop for identifying the type of heat transfer problem that needs to be solved needs General Course Outline General H : HOW? WHEN? WHY? is heat transferred? HOW? CONDUCTION CONDUCTION One-dimensional and steady One-dimensional Two-dimensional and steady Two-dimensional Transient (unsteady) Transient Convection and external flow Convection Convection and internal flow Convection : CONVECTION CONVECTION : HEAT EXCHANGERS HEAT Resources Resources • Required text: Required Introduction to Heat Transfer, 5th edition, F. P. Introduction Incropera, D. P. Dewitt, T. L. Bergman and A. S. Lavine, Wiley and Sons, 2007 Lavine, Web • Web Site: Class notes and assignments will be made available notes assignments through the course web page: through http://www.chemeng.mcmaster.ca/courses/che2a4.htm Assesment Assesment H Problem Sets (approx. 8) (approx. Problem H Quiz (1) : Midterm Exams (2) : Final Exam (Comprehensive) (Comprehensive) Final Tentative Quiz Date: Exam Dates: 15% 10% 40% 35% Monday, January 21 T.B.D. ...
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