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Unformatted text preview: Name: ________________________ Class: ___________________ Date: __________ ID: A 1 final exam Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. c (water) = 4.2 J/g, L f (water) = 334 J/g, L v (water) =2260 J/g ,4.2 J=1 cal, R= 8.3 J/Kmol o = 8.9 x10-12 C 2 /N m 2 , k o = 9.0x10 9 Nm 2 /C 2 , e =1.6x10-19 C, = 4 x10-7 Tm/A ____ 1. A transmission line for carrying power has a certain resistance R. The power can be carried at either a voltage of 100 V or 3000 V. The power loss in the power line at 3000 V is ____________ than at 100 V. a. 30 times less b. 900 times less c. 30 times more d. 900 times more e. none of the above ____ 2. A metal bar moves at 2.4 m/s on two conducting parallel tracks 40 cm apart, as shown. The tracks have a negligible resistance and the bar has a resistance of 0.125 /cm. If there is a magnetic field of 0.50 T, current in the wire is _______. a. 0.05 A b. 0.1 A c. 0.4 A d. 1,2 A e. None of the above ____ 3. An inductor of 65 mH and a 0.25 resistance is suddenly connected to a 1.5 V battery. How much energy does the inductor store after 1.0 s. a. 0.30 J b. 0.60 J c. 1.2 J d. 2.4 J e. None of the above ____ 4. A transformer has 150 mA peak current in a 120 turn primary winding. The peak current induced in the 180 turn secondary winding is: a. 100 mA b. 120 mA c. 180 mA d. 225 mA e. None of the above Name: ________________________ ID: A 2 ____ 5. A 115 V ac electric motor has an ac resistance of 33 and an inductive reactance of 48 under full load. The peak current drawn is: a. 1.2 A b. 1.8 A c. 2.4 A d. 2.8 A e. None of the above ____ 6. Three capacitors, 6.0 F each, are connected in parallel to the terminals of an AC generator that delivers 84 V (peak value) at 250 Hz. The net rms current in the circuit is: a. 0.27 A b. 0.58A c. 2.5A d. 1.7A e. None of the above ____ 7. A series LCR circuit connected to a power source with rms voltage of 120 V has a resistance of 60 and an impedance of 100 . The average power dissipated in the circuit is: a. 45 W b. 52 W c. 73 W d. 86 W e. None of the above ____ 8. A nonideal inductance coil with an inductance of 275 mH and a resistance of 4.0 is connected in series with a capacitor to a 320 Hz, 120 V AC power source. What should be he value of the capacitor such that the current and the voltage are in phase? a. 0.90 F b. 3.25 F c. 8.44 F d. 1.3 mF e. None of the above ____ 9. In a series LRC circuit driven by an ac voltage source, when the magnetic field in the inductor is maximum the electric field in the capacitor is _______ and the voltage across the resistor is________. a. maximum, maximum b. maximum, zero c. zero, maximum d. zero, zero e. none of the above ____ 10. A loop containing 100 turns of wire with an area of 10 cm 2 is rotating in a field of 0.2 Tesla. If the rms voltage is 12 V the loop is rotating with a frequency of ________....
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1b_final solutions - Name: ________________________ Class:

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