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Unformatted text preview: Name: ________________________ Class: ___________________ Date: __________ ID: A 1 Final exam Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. constants k o = 9.0x10 9 N m 2 /C 2 , o =8.9x10-12 C 2 / Nm 2 , o =4 x10-7 T m/A, e =1.6x10-19 C c=3.0x10 8 m/s, ____ 1. The impedance of a 120 resistor, a 33 F capacitor, and an 80 mH inductor in series and connected across a 115 V ac wall outlet is: a. 60 b. 80 c. 120 d. 130 e. None of the above ____ 2. The secondary of a transformer has a resistor which is dissipating 1.8 W (rms) when a 120 V emf (peak) is applied to the primary. If the resistor is 10 , the turns ratio of the transformer ( N p / N s ) is: a. 5 : 1 b. 10 : 1 c. 20 : 1 d. 40 : 1 e. None of the above ____ 3. In an LCR circuit connected to a 60 Hz 115 V AC source, the capacitive reactance is four times the inductive reactance. The resonance frequency of the circuit is: a. 60 Hz b. 120 Hz c. 240 Hz d. 480 Hz e. None of the above ____ 4. A series circuit with R = 96 , L = 16 mH, and C = 4.0 F is connected to a 12 V (peak value) AC source with variable frequency. What is the rms current in the circuit at the resonance frequency? a. 63 mA b. 88 mA c. 0.28 A d. 0.35 A e. None of the above ____ 5. The waves, emitted by a distant radio station, reaching a point have an electric field with an amplitude of 3.0 10-3 V/m. The amplitude of the magnetic field is: a. 3.0 10-11 T b. 2.0 10-11 T c. 1.0 10-11 T d. 3.0 10-12 T e. None of the above Name: ________________________ ID: A 2 ____ 6. The human eye is most sensitive to the green-yellow region of the electromagnetic spectrum with an average wavelength of 550 nm. The frequency of this radiation is: a. 6.3 10 15 Hz b. 5.2 10 15 Hz c. 7.4 10 14 Hz d. 5.5 10 14 Hz e. None of the above ____ 7. A surge protector is often used on the power line input to computers to remove short high voltage spikes in the line voltage. The electrical component connected in the line that can accomplish this is a___________. a. resistor b. capacitor c. inductor d. battery e. none of the above ____ 8. A RLC circuit has a 50 ohm resistor, a 10 microfarad capacitor and a 20 millihenry inductor. The maximum voltage drop is ___________ when driven by a 60 Hz voltage source. a. greatest across the resistor b. greatest across the capacitor c. greatest across the inductor d. the same across all components e. none of the above ____ 9. A single turn square loop, 10 cm on each side, is rotated uniformly by 360 in a magnetic field in 40 ms. If the maximum induced emf in the coil is 50 mV, the average magnetic field is: a. 18 mT b. 27 mT c. 32 mT d. 45 mT e. None of the above ____ 10. The magnetic field through a single loop coil of cross-sectional area 44 cm 2 steadily changes from 6.3 mT to 8.8 mT in 0.5 s. The induced emf in the coil is: a. 22 b. 28 c. 35 d. 43 e. None of the above ____ 11. If a bar magnet is falling through a loop of wire, the induced current in the loop of wire sets up a field which...
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Final_exam - Name: ________________________ Class:...

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