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Unformatted text preview: PHYSICS 1B FINAL FALL QUARTER 2005 C YOUR NAME _________________________________________________________________ YOUR UCSD STUDENT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER_____________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: THERE ARE 30 QUESTIONS ON THIS QUIZ. PLEASE FILL IN THE SCANTRON FORM USING A NUMBER 2 PENCIL. PUT YOUR NAME AND THE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER YOU WERE ASSIGNED IN THE SPACES ABOVE. 1 page of notes is allowed. NO BOOKS CELL PHONES, LAPTOPS ALLOWED. CALCULATORS ARE OK. 1. A uniform 4.5-T magnetic field passes through the plane of a wire loop 0.10 m 2 in area. What flux passes through the loop when the direction of the 4.5-T field is at a 30 angle to the normal of the loop plane? a. 5.0 T m 2 b. 0.52 T m 2 c. 0.39 T m 2 d. 0.225 T m 2 2. Charges of 4.0 C and 6.0 C are placed at two corners of an equilateral triangle with sides of 0.10 m. At the third corner, what is the electric field magnitude created by these two charges? ( k e = 8.99 10 9 Nm 2 /C 2 ) a. 4.5 10 6 N/C b. 3.1 10 6 N/C c. 1.6 10 6 N/C d. 4.8 10 6 N/C 3. Three capacitors of 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 F are connected in series. Find the combined capacitance. a. 4.5 F b. 4.0 F c. 2.2 F d. 0.46 F 4. A 12-V battery is connected in series with a switch, 6.0- resistor and coil. What energy is stored in the coil when the current is 2.0 A? The time constant is 4.0 10 4 s. a. 4.8 10 3 J b. 9.6 10 3 J c. 14 10 3 J d. 29 10 3 J 5. In an AC series circuit the inductive reactance is 50 and the frequency is 100 Hz. What is the inductance in the circuit? a. 80 mH b. 240 mH c. 500 mH d. 740 mH 6. If a 500-W heater carries a current of 4.00 A, what is the resistance of the heating element?...
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