ps1_bio_answers_2002 - I. Biology (35 points total) The...

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Unformatted text preview: I. Biology (35 points total) The following questions cover some of the core concepts in biology that will be indispensable for understanding the lectures. Please be concise, but be sure to include all of the keywords in your answers. a) Compare the structure of DNA and RNA. Keywords: nucleotides, 5 prime, 3 prime, deoxy-ribonucleotides, ribonucleotides, anti-parallel double-helix (5 points) DNA RNA Deoxyribonucleotides Ribonucleotides Anti-parallel double helix Normally single strand, folds into secondary, tertiary structures Single strand DNA is directional and has a 5 prime and a 3 prime, however, because DNA forms anti-parallel double helix, a double strand DNA molecule doesn’t appear to be directional. Directional, has a 5 prime and a 3 prime Give credit as long as the student gets the main idea. b) What’s the basic subunit that’s used to build a protein? Describe the 3 levels of protein structure? Keywords: amino acid, N terminus, C terminus, primary-, secondary, tertiary-structure (5 points) primary structure: The chemical structure of the polypeptide chain or chains in a given protein - i.e., the number and sequence of amino acid residues linked together by peptide bonds. Since the peptide bonds are directional (one amino acid’s –NH2 is connected to the other amino acid’s –COOH), this generates a N terminus and a C terminus....
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ps1_bio_answers_2002 - I. Biology (35 points total) The...

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