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Genomics and Computational Biology 2000 Final Projects Grading Rubric This rubric is designed to be as explicit as possible to ensure that all students are graded consistently. Each component of the project will be graded on a scale from 1 to 5. The scale is explicitly defined for each component but is roughly as follows: 1 = poor, 2 = needs improvement, 3 = good, 4 = excellent, 5 = outstanding. Total Possible Points: 100 I. Oral Presentation (x3 = 15) 1 = Unclear, sloppy, little apparent effort made to communicate ideas. 2 = Somewhat unclear, but a significant effort was made to communicate ideas. 3 = Clear presentation of ideas, data and take-home message from each slide clear. 4 = Same as above plus well thought-out structure, logical flow of ideas. 5 = Particularly effective in communicating ideas and engaging the audience. II. Background (x3 = 15) 1 = Little understanding of the field or project goals. 2 = Good understanding of the field
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