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WA. Homework 15 - a How many moles of Alz(SD4)3 are...

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Unformatted text preview: a) How many moles of Alz(SD4)3 are required to make 52 mL of a 0.09!) l Alisa“); Solution? (Hint; mofan'ty is motes per liter. You know the mofarity. You are given the number of mL's, which can be converted to liters. Just set it up so the units cancel and you get: "moles ".) -~’ E 00468 moles Al2(504)3 b) What is the molecular wetght of AIfiSO‘h, to the nearest gram? u’ grams c) What mass at AME-30m Is requlred to make 52 mL at a 0.0!!) M AME-3003 solution" {lfyou‘wa got moles andmolewlar Height you {an get to gems.) V n 9 A|2(SO4}3 d) How many moles of sulfate ions are present m the solution? {7711s is easy. You know how manymoles ofAJ2{SO4)3 than: are from part 3. Just think about how many sulfate ions than! are peer{SO4)3.) v a“ 0.01404 mol What mass of Kcl is required to make 52 ml of a 0.22 It Kcl solution? -V Elms gKCI How many moles of cllloride ions are present in the solution? -¢ E00114 mol Write the formulas of the precipitates that would fom1 when the following solutions are mixed, or write none if no precipitate would be produced. The answer are case semifive. Do nothing to indicate subscripts. For example NazSO4 would be NaZSD4. Solublltty Rules or Table 10.4 on page 231 of your textbook. leadUI) acetate + potassium hydroxide -’ sodium chromate + nickel(]:l) iodide -’ @ strontium perchlorate + iron(]:l) sulfate -’ HE ammonium acetate + cadmium nitrate -V BE thallium(1) nitrate + calcium chloride .V ETICI sodium sulfide + iron(]I[)chloride .X EFeZSB Indicate whether each of the following would be more soluble in hexane (C5H14) or water. Substance More soluble in n -« HE CsHlB -\’ HE CH3(CH2)120H -¢ HE cw -« HE Input format exampkfi: Alzoz would be typed in as Al203 Alz(504)3 would be typed in as Al2(504)3 NOTE: 1) subscripts of "I" are understood and should not be typed in. 2) some of the answers require parentheses 7 review the lecture notes to make sure you know when to use parentheses. a) Write the folmula for calcium uitIide -" Esasuz b) Write the fon11ula for sodium sulfide -~’ ENazs c) Write the folmula for rubidium cllmmate -\’ ERbZCrEH- d) Write the fon11ula for aluminum uiIIite -~’ Emmozja e) Write the folmula for ammonium arseuide -\’ E(NH4)3As f) Write the formula for uiclrel(Il) sulfite -\’ ENiSOB g)Write the fonuula for mpperfl) sulfate -\’ Beuzsm h) Write the fonnula for iron(]I[) nitrite -~’ EFe(NGZ)3 i) Write the formula for maugauesefll) phosphide -\’ EMnEPZ ..._......._. .. l Which of the following ions '6 present in the solution if a precipitate was observed with the addition of Ba2+ but no precipitate was observed with the addition of Ag“? O :9 5042’ O 004" ® N03" 0 cl" 0 0042' X Which of the foilowrng cations Is present rt a precipitate was observed With the addition of 5042' but not With the addition of CI"? O cuzt O K1+ O PI:2+ ® A914. O 953* K Which ofthe following hydroxides is predicted to be the least soluble in water” 0 Ca(GH)2 O KOH Q Fe(OH)Z ® .9 AI(OH)3 O TIoH Indicate which of the following substances could be [fled to make a solution that is 0.1 M in 50427 ion. Indicate your answer by placing the letter(s) of the compound(s) that could be used. If more than one answer[ list them alphabetically, separated commas but no spaces. An amwer of [c.d] would mean that only CuSD4 and BaSD4 could be used. An amwer d,c cannot be correct because they are not I'Et alphabetically. -« Eb. ,. Indicate whether each of the following is a strong electrolyte. KF .v HE CHaCI .w/ HE H20 .w/ HE NaOH .v HE CHaCOONa -\’ HE NH4C| -\’ EYes Indicate a" of the following substances that could be used to make a solution that is 0.1 M in Pb2+ ion. Solubility Rules or Table 10.4 on page 231 of your textbook. {To make a solution, the maben'al' must be soluble.) IF E Pb(NO sh PbS r E anjclm); PbClz PbCOa PbCrO4 Indicate whether mixing each of the following pairs of solutions would result in the fonnatjon of a precipitate. a) ammonium acetate + potassium hydroxide b) silver nitIate + cadmium chloride c) sodium sulfate + barium iodide d) stIonljum perchlorate + silver acetate Indicate that yes (‘1') a precipitate fonm or no (N) a precipitate does not fonu. For example, Y,Y,N,N indicates that the first two pairs produce a precipitate, while the last two do not. -"E: Home My Msignmems ...
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