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Music Concert Report #1 - Dougherty 1 Janet Dougherty...

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Dougherty 1 Janet Dougherty November 1, 2007 Concert Report #1 Rutgers Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Kynan Johns My first impression upon walking into the Nicholas Music Center was how beautiful it was. I am freshman and this was the first time I have been inside any of the Mason Gross performance buildings, especially Nicholas. Needless to say, I was pleased how beautiful it is compared to many concert halls in which I have viewed or played a performance. The atmosphere is that of an elegant concert hall in which symphonies and orchestras can perform and feel at ease knowing the audience is comfortable and in beautiful surroundings. The concert on Saturday night October 6, 2007 was filled with people of all ages and races. It was nice to see a more prominent senior citizen attendance since it is enjoyable for students to play for older generations of music lovers. The symphony orchestra walked out under the direction of Kynan Johns, Director of Orchestras at Rutgers University. Among the performers were races of various colors, which is wonderful to see at such a diverse university. The tuning process took place with the direction of concert mistress SungWon Hwang and the concert was underway. The first number was a piece by Polish composer Witold Lutoslawski entitled Symphonic Variations. This was a very dramatic number. One could feel the sadness in the music as the instruments combined into perfect harmony to exude this overwhelming emotion. Violins highly outnumber any other instrument in a symphonic orchestra. Between seventy-six musicians in the orchestra, twenty-four were violinists. Because they make up about thirty-one percent of the musicians, their sound is inevitably dominant. During Lutoslawski’s piece, the violins had a very eerie and hair-raising melody line. The frequency of the notes the violinists played were much higher than those of the cellists and bass players. They expressed emotion through the swaying motion caused by their bow. The violinists often plucked their strings throughout the
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Dougherty 2 dramatic moments in which they did not possess the melody line. The dynamics fluctuated up and down in an effort to show pain and other emotions that the composer wished to express. The brass provided a nice tone color and background effect during the melody lines.
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Music Concert Report #1 - Dougherty 1 Janet Dougherty...

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