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ADA - Another valuable aspect of ADA that I learned is that...

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The ADA is something that everyone going into the workforce should learn about since it contains very important information. Since the lecture on ADA I feel more comfortable and confident going into the workforce because now I am better equipped and feel more confident in dealing with and interacting with the disabled. Since the ADA extends civil rights and anti discrimination protection to people with disabilities I know that whichever company I work for must allow for the disable to have the opportunity to access everything that a non disabled person would be able to access. This will be especially important if I decide to work in Florida because Florida stipulates that all public businesses, regardless of the number employees that they have, must allow access to the disabled.
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Unformatted text preview: Another valuable aspect of ADA that I learned is that employers must give equal opportunities to the disabled when considering applicants for open positions, though they do not have to give preference to the disabled applicant. I thought it was interesting that an employer can not ask their applicant about a disability before they get the job but they can invite the applicant to disclose any disabilities of theirs. All public places need to provide access to the disabled because they are human beings like everyone else. They deserve the same exact opportunities and privileges that the non disable receive. As I enter the workforce I plan to make sure that all of my disabled clients will have the exact same access as my non disabled clients....
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