EXAM 4 REVIEW s08 - Solving Duncker’s candle problem...

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EXP 3604 EXAM 4 REVIEW Chapter 10 Modular view Phonology Motor theory of speech perception Constraint-based approach to grammar Stages of language production Bottom-up processing in reading Direct-access view of word recognition Indirect-access view of word recognition Phonological assembly Parsing Top-down/bottom-up processing in language comprehension Dell’s theory of speech errors Slips of the tongue Morphemes Characteristics of human language Semantics Phonetic restoration effect Factors affecting word and sentence comprehension Transformational grammar Interactionist view of sentence comprehension Components of a problem Mental set Functional fixedness
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Unformatted text preview: Solving Duncker’s candle problem Algorithms and problem solving Means-ends analysis Working backwards Expertise & memory (Chase & Simon chess study) Algorithms generally Expertise (development of) Heuristics Confirmation bias Base-rate fallacy Normative approach Descriptive approach Syllogism Conditional reasoning 4 possible operations for solving conditionals (propositional calculus) Wason selection task – factors that affect choice Inductive reasoning Availability heuristic Conjunction error/fallacy Framing effect Hindsight bias Anchoring and adjustment heuristic Reasoning by analogy (Gick & Holyoak, 1980)...
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EXAM 4 REVIEW s08 - Solving Duncker’s candle problem...

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