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PPE 3004 CourseCompass Info 01-07 - Welcome to PPE 3004...

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Welcome to PPE 3004, section 1634! The official website for this course is Pearson Education’s CourseCompass (not WebCT/Vista). The CourseCompass website will be used to post announcements, assignments, learning materials, and grades, and will give you access to other learning resources. In order to access the CourseCompass website, you will need to register with a valid access code (which is included in the shrink-wrapped course pack containing the two required texts). You need to purchase your course pack materials and register on CourseCompass as soon as possible in order to participate in this course. Below are instructions for registering on the CourseCompass website. As this is a web-intensive course, it is important that you log into the CourseCompass website on a daily basis to check for announcements and new or updated course materials. You are responsible for keeping up with the course assignments and for attending the scheduled in-class exams throughout the semester.
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