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childsbook - promised himself that he was done listening to...

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David Wyman Mrs. Huber Childs book rough 11/22/09 Plot: Child is angry at parents, goes to bed and dreams of a land where no rules apply. Things eventually go bad as he experiences the consequences of his actions. He wakes up and makes up with his parents, vowing to obey them from then on. Setting: Child's house, his dreamland, back at house Characters: Johnny is the only dynamic character. By the end of the story he realizes the importance of listening to his parents. His parents. They try to get Johnny to behave properly and later accept his apology. Anybody in dreamland? One cold night, Johnny B. Good sat up late fighting with his parents. Mom and dad wanted Johnny to brush his teeth and go to bed, but Johnny was angry. He didn't want to brush his teeth or go to bed. Johnny screamed at his parents, “I'll never brush my teeth or go to bed again!” He ran into his bedroom, slamming the door behind him. Johnny crawled under his bed and
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Unformatted text preview: promised himself that he was done listening to his parents for good. Under his bed, Johnny saw a flickering light coming out of a big hole in the floor, so he crawled through. His head popped up in a field of licorice grass and marshmallow daisies. Green jello bushes waved at Johnny and welcomed him into this new fantasy play land. All of the sudden Johnny was met by a green and yellow striped zebra who said, “Hi Johnny, my names Judas, would you like some candy? In the Land of the Lodus you can have as much candy as you want. Everybody has fun here. Follow me.” Johnny followed Judas across a graham cracker bridge, over a river of chocolate fudge, and through a tunnel. In front of him lay a magnificent blue castle surrounded by white carpet clouds. Judas said, “In the land of the Lodus...
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