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131106outline1 - Bacillus is anaerobic Contrast to previous...

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Biol. 1311 – 8/28/06 – A diversity tour Biological Diversity as seen through Hemoglobin Phylogeny of protein sequences for diverse hemoglobins Note that this phylogeny brings together diverse organisms And what is a flavo-hemoglobin? The phylogeny of everything – also called the tree of life (Fig 1-8) Cyanobacteria Diverse group, most photosynthetic Vitreoscilla (a cyanobacterium) and its hemoglobin compare this to our hemoglobin? Alcaligenes is a proteobacterium and it can make plastic!!!
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Unformatted text preview: Bacillus is anaerobic Contrast to previous bacteria On to the eukaryotes Fungi and ligninases Does this look like anything to do with gas exchange? A simplified model of lignin breakdown Single celled yeast have flavo-hemoglobin (fig 30-5a) Two fungal taxa, two uses for heme (fig 30-8b) Hemoglobin in a plant root Where we’ve been (but no slides of ciliate or entamoeba hemoglobins)...
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