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Biol. 1311 – 9/20/06 –Translation ala E. coli New piece of “central dogma” (Fig 15.10) – in Blue box today The translator is the ribosome (Fig 16.13a) This structure is far bigger than the polymerases Consists of RNA and protein Ribosome makes the chain, but it needs the links delivered – tRNA (fig. 16.9) tRNA is a complex 3D structure with 2+ functional regions (fig 16.12c) tRNA wasn’t born with an amino acid attached (fig. 16.10) Can you say aminoacyl tRNA synthetase 3 times fast? Enzyme binds amino acid and ATP “charges” amino acid at expense of ATP Recognizes correct tRNA – how? Transfers amino acid to tRNA Energy gets transferred as well There must be at least 20 tRNA’s and 20 aminoacyl tRNA synthetases (fig 15.8) Ribosomes come as kits and must be put together Large subunit and small subunit have different functions but must work as a single machine In between uses they are disassembled again So each mRNA has a new ribosome assembled on it (or more than 1) Initiation (Fig 16.14)
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