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GNED 1300-4 Women in Victorian Society Jane Eyre discussion Jane Eyre Study/Discussion Questions Chs. 1-10 You are not responsible for writing answers to all of these questions, but letting them guide your thinking about these early chapters may be useful. You may also want to make up your own questions as you go along. 1. What are the differences between Jane and the Reed children? How is Jane treated differently from them? 2. Describe the place where Jane hides in Chapter 1. Notice the colors. What is she reading? What is its mood? 3. John Reed is the first male character introduced. How is he presented? 4. Jane is taken into the red room as punishment. Describe the room and what happens there. Why do you think it has such an impact on Jane? 6. What clues do you find in these chapters about Victorian femininity? What is ‘pretty’ in the Reed household? For what personal characteristics are Eliza and Georgiana praised and Jane criticized? 7. On p. 18 the apothecary discusses with Jane the possibility that her father may have
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