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Jane Eyre study questions part 3 - .rings.” 3 Look at pgs...

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GNED 1300-4 Women in Victorian Society Jane Eyre Study and Discussion Questions: Ch. 21-27 1)Think back on the clues thus far in the reading that have to do with the mysterious character in the attic of Thornfield Hall. Look at the language that describes this person’s actions. Contrast this with the language Rochester uses to describe Jane. Why do you think Brontë sets up this kind of a contrast? Look at the following passages for clues. Pick out specific words and images to discuss in class: p.138, 142, 200, 204, 269-70 2) Consider the development of the relationship between Jane and Rochester. How has it grown? Why is Jane happy at Thornfield? For what reason may she be discontent? After Rochester proposes to Jane, is she totally at ease, or is she still uneasy? Why do you think she might be uncomfortable about marrying Rochester? Consider Rochester’s behavior towards Jane after the engagement. Look at pgs.245-46, starting with “I will myself put the diamond chain.
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Unformatted text preview: ..rings.” 3) Look at pgs. 269-270 and consider the description of Bertha. Why does Bertha pick up the veil and put it on in front of the mirror? Why does she tear the veil? Why does Brontë include this scene at all? How might we look at this in terms of women in Victorian society? 4) Look at the passages after the marriage ceremony is interrupted and Jane learns the truth about Bertha Mason, the first Mrs. Rochester. Look again at the difference between Bertha and Jane. Why does Brontë contrast these two women? In what ways are these women really similar (think about their circumstances). What do you learn about Rochester from his explanation of his past with Bertha? What do you learn about Bertha? Is she a mad demon, or has she been victimized in some way too? 5) How does Rochester try to convince Jane to stay? Why does Jane decide to leave Thornfield Hall? Why does she feel she must leave?...
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