Classical Mythology Final Study Guide

Classical Mythology - C lassical Mythology Study Guide F inal H E ROES Heroic t raits-selfless-sacrifice K leomedes k leos = fame-won a price at

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Classical Mythology Study Guide – Final 11/11/08 HEROES Heroic traits: -selfless -sacrifice Kleomedes / kleos = fame -won a price at games but then when opponent died, prize was taken away -half the glory of winning is when you go home -went insane after begin disgraced -pulled out pillars at a school, and killed 60 children -hid in chest in a temple -villagers chased him, opened chest, he disappeared -oracle says he’s now a hero, must worship him, build a shrine Greek heroes are very different from ours. Kleomedes is similar to Uranium. It’s best to make sacrifices and stay out of his way. His fame brought him infamy. Fame = infamous / infamy “buzz” Greek definition: great deeds, hauss, feared, larger than life – hubris; Kleomedes didn’t have a moral compass to guide his actions, community didn’t judge but gods did! Perseus *Apollodorus: 1 st century BC – AD *Ovid: 43 BC – 17 AD Apollodorus Acrisius Acrisius Danae (Proetus and Zeus) Perseus Proetus sends Bellerophon to Lycia. The king tells him to go kill Chimaera. He kills it while riding Pegasus, then marries the king’s daughter. Poseidon/Athena: bie/metis
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Diktys is a fisherman and takes care of them. Polydektes is the king who falls for Danae and wants to marry her. He sends Perseus to get Gorgon’s head for wedding present. Perseus runs into 3 Graiai, sisters of Gorgens. Perseus takes their eye, they tell him where Gorgons are and give him the Cap of Hades (invisibility) and winged sandals and kibisis (wallet). Hermes gives him adamantine sickle sharpest instrument there is. Medusa alone was the mortal out of the three. Perseus beheads her, Pegasus and Chrysaor spring out. Andromeda was chained to a rock in the sea. Perseus conquers the sea monster. Cepheus and Cassiepea gives her to marry. His brother Phineus was jealous. Perseus kills Phineus and others in a fight, then returns home. Perseus then kills Polydektes and others. Perseus returns the sandals, kibisis, and cap; gives Athena the Gorgon head Perseus, along with Danae and Andromeda, go to Argos to see Acrisius. Perseus ends up killing him at Larissa in the games. Perseus rules Tiryns Mycenae. Perseus has Perses. Ovid -gives detailed account of events in Ethiopia -Medusa had beautiful hair, hooked up with Poseidon in a temple -Athena turned her hair into snakes -Perseus uses Medusa head to turn everyone to stone, including Phineus -Phineus left begging for his life for all eternity -Atlas Mtns., coral? Pindar – Pythian -specialist in writing victory songs -Gorgons cried dirge after Medusa killed -Athena named the story in commemoration of victor, inspired by funerary laments possibly saying, out of pain and suffering comes beautiful music -Perseus is our cardboard cut out of a hero. -Heroes have special conceptions, often partly divine.
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Classical Mythology - C lassical Mythology Study Guide F inal H E ROES Heroic t raits-selfless-sacrifice K leomedes k leos = fame-won a price at

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