list of nouns - 1st ambul am appell (ad)- iuv arbitror cen...

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Ist conjugation 1st 2nd 3rd 4th meaning ambulō ambulāre ambulāvī ambulatum to walk amāre amāvī amātum to love appellō appellāre appellāvī appellātum to speak to (ad)- iuvō iuvāre iuvī iutum to help arbitror arbitraī arbitratus sum to judge cenō cenāre cenāvī cenātum to dine cogitō cogitāre cogitāvī cogitātum to think conservō conservāre conservāvī conservātum to preserve conor conārī conatus sum to try creō creāre creāvī creātum to create culpō culpāre culpavī culpātum to blame curō curāre curavī curatum to care for dedicō dedicāre dedicāvī dedicātum to dedicate delectō delectāre delectāvī delectātum to please, delight demōnstrō demōnstrāre demōnstrāvī demōnstrātum to point out desiderō desiderāre desideravī desideratum to desire, long for dāre dedī datum to give dubitō dubitāre dubitavī dubitatum to doubt educō educāre educāvī educātum to educate errō errāre errāvī errātum to wander explicō explicāre explicavī explicatum to explain exspectō exspectāre exspectāvī exspectātum to expect fatigō fatigāre fatigavī fatigatum to weary for fārī fatus sum to speak hortor hortārī hortatus sum to encourage imperō imperāre imperavī imperatum (plus dative) to give orders to invitō invitāre invitāvī invitātum to entertain, to invite laborō laborāre laborāvī laborātum to labor; be in distress laudō laudāre laudāvī laudātum to praise liberō liberāre liberavī liberatum to free libō libāre libavī libatum to pour ritually miror mirārī miratus sum to admire mutō mutāre mutavī mutatum to change narrō narrāre narrāvī narratum to narrate navigō navigāre navigavī navigatum to navigate, sail necō necāre necāvī necātum to murder negō negāre negāvī negātum to deny nuntiō nuntiāre nuntiāvī nuntiātum to announce oblectō oblectāre oblectavī oblectatum to please opinor opinārī opinatus sum to suppose oppugnō oppugnāre oppugnavī oppugnatum to fight against ornō ornāre ornavī ornatum to equip orō orāre oravī oratum to speak parō parāre paravī parātum to prepare peregrinor peregrinārī peregrinatus sum to travel abroad pernoctō pernoctāre pernactavī pernactatum to spend the night praestō praestāre praestāvī praestātum to excel, exhibit probō probāre probāvī probātum to approve, to recommend pronuntiō pronuntiāre pronuntiavī pronuntiatum to proclaim, announce pugnō pugnāre pugnavī pugnatum to fight putō putāre putāvī putātum to reckon, to suppose amō
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recitō recitāre recitāvī recitātum to recite recreō recreāre recreāvī recreatum to restore recusō recusāre recusāvī recusatum to refuse rogō rogāre rogāvī rogatum to ask rusticor rusticāre rusticatus sum to live in a country satiō satiāre satiāvī satiātum to satisfy serenō serenāre serenavī serenatum to sooth servō servāre servāvī servātum to save spectō spectāre spectavī spectatum to look at spērō spērāre
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list of nouns - 1st ambul am appell (ad)- iuv arbitror cen...

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