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MID-TERM EXAM – January 26, 2010 Always review the objectives of each lecture as these will help guide your preparation. The exam will be ~1/3 fill in the blanks/short answer and 2/3 interpretation and short answer. You will have ~70 minutes to write the exam. Terminology Recognize various measures of mortality and examples of each type Differentiate between prevalence and incidence Differentiate between descriptive and analytical epidemiology Identify sources of routine epidemiological data Recognize major process-oriented steps in an outbreak Recognize the importance of John Snow’s work Recognize host, agent and environmental factors in the epidemiologic triad Identify sources of epidemiologic surveillance
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Unformatted text preview: Describe the purpose, strengths, and limitations of cross-sectional and correlational designs Be able to calculate prevalence rate ratio (PRR), prevalence, and incidence Identify important sources of bias in various research questions and designs EXAM POLICIES Student ID required (student card and photo ID) Calculators may be used Pencil is acceptable, but exam will not be remarked if there is a dispute Dictionaries are not permitted Other electronic devices are not permitted NO PDAs/smartphones etc., even to keep track of time Exams will not be returned but can be reviewed by appointment 1...
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