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MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (SBUS) Department of Accounting, Law and Taxation FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING FALL 2009 ACCT 202 Day Catalogue Description : “This course introduces basic concepts of management accounting including cost classifications, product costing, cost-volume profit analysis, variable (direct) costing, operating budgeting, standards and performance evaluation, balanced score card and non-routine decisions. The course will illustrate the use of accounting information by managers for internal decision-making purposes.” Instructor Information Professor Steven R. Markoff Office: Partridge Hall, Room 211A Phone: 973-655-2106 Email: Twitter: Office Hours: Monday & Thursday, 1:30–2:30pm & 5:30 – 6:30pm Wimba Pronto Hours: to be announced Message from Professor This is a really great course that offers you the opportunity to learn more in one semester then you could ever imagine. The principles and analysis techniques that we will cover will be useful in so many ways and areas of business and non-business life, it’s amazing! The course contains an extremely large amount of numbers, computations and analysis which are essential . This course also involves a lot of work and commitment. Here’s my promise: you put in the time and the effort and I promise you that you will not regret it. My goal is for you to be able to look back at this as the best course you’ve ever taken . In my teaching philosophy, I expect you to work, think, learn and importantly – have fun doing it! I will be as committed to your success in this course as you are – but not more. I’ll work as hard as you are willing to work in order to help you learn and succeed, and accomplish your goals for the course . Course Materials Text : Managerial Accounting with WileyPLUS , Jiambalvo, Wiley, 3 rd edition Required Supplies : Text with WileyPLUS per above. Internet access with an MSU email address which you read on a daily basis Arithmetic non-programmable calculator Microsoft Office with word/excel or other word processing/spreadsheet programs Course Objectives In this course, we will study the objectives and uses of managerial accounting information primarily from a user perspective . The emphasis of managerial accounting is on the uses of accounting and other data within an organization by its managers. Managers need information to carry out three essential functions in an organization: planning, controlling and decision making. This course will show us what kind of information is needed, how and where it is obtained and how it is used by managers in planning, controlling and decision making. The objectives can be broken down into 4 major areas
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