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ACCT 202 Professor Steve Markoff Discussion/Presentation Highlights (Ch 6) Thursday October 29, 2009 Here are the most important points of our meeting on Thursday 10/29. Please review this and make sure you understand what we discussed in these terms. Throughout this summary, important new terms that were discussed are shown in bold italics . As always, if you have any questions or input, please contact the professor. 1. We started the session where we left off from Monday, with an introduction to Activity-Based Costing (ABC) using the Strawberry Cheesecake example (P6-12) which was handed out and which is attached. We made the following points which are required for you to know for test purposes: What ABC is – that it is a method of allocating overhead which is based on the actual activities which cause overhead to occur, rather than allocating based on a volume-related allocation base . ABC breaks the overhead down into cost pools representing specific activities and things that drive these
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presentation_highlights_ch6_october_29 - ACCT 202 Professor...

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