sol_12.2.9 - x1+x2 <= D subject to nonneg_1: x1...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Model: param p # profit param c1 # cost in plant 1 param c2 # cost in plant 2 param CP # limit capacity param D # limit demand var x1:= 5 # units produced at plant 1 var x2:= 5 # units produced at plant 2 maximize profit: p*(x1+x2) - c1*sqrt(x1) -c2*x2^(1/3) subject to plant_1: x1 <= CP subject to plant_2: x2 <= CP subject to demand:
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Unformatted text preview: x1+x2 &lt;= D subject to nonneg_1: x1 &gt;=0 subject to nonneg_2: x2 &gt;= 0 Data: param p:= 10 param c1:= 20 param c2:= 40 param CP:= 70 param D:= 120 Solution: MINOS 5.5: optimal solution found. 3 iterations, objective 893.7272318 Nonlin evals: obj = 12, grad = 11. x1 = 50 x2 = 70...
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