Module 2 Vocab

Module 2 Vocab - M odule 2 The elements of biological...

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Module 2 The elements of biological terminology: roots, terminations and suffixes, connecting vowels. With each module you will be provided with a set of vocabulary; this will be added to the existing vocabulary lists so that as you progress through the modules you do not need to go back to check vocabulary items. The vocabulary of Modules 2 and 3 contains a limited number of roots and terminations, since in these two modules you are being provided with the full lists of clinical and grammatical suffixes (in Module 2) and prefixes (Module 3) for the course. The vocabulary lists for Modules 4 – 12 contain roots and terminations only. An asterisk next to a term indicates that there is another and (usually) disparate meaning for this term; the references in square brackets such as [See Mod. 7, cervic -] indicate where you will later encounter this alternate meaning. The asterisk is provided as a cross-reference, so do not be concerned if later modules are referred to which you have not yet seen. NB: You must learn each term with its appropriately- placed dash
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Module 2 Vocab - M odule 2 The elements of biological...

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