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PS#8 - Sept 25 Questions - A Asp D Lys B Ser E Gln C Phe 4...

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1 What determines a protein’s function? A) structure D) None of the above. B) gene sequence E) All of the above. C) N-terminal amino acids 2 Key properties of proteins include A) a wide range of functional groups. B) an ability to possess either rigid or flexible structures as dictated by functional requirements. C) the ability to interact with other proteins. D) a and b. E) All of the above. 3 Which of the following amino acid residues would most likely be buried in the interior of a water soluble, globular protein?
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Unformatted text preview: A) Asp D) Lys B) Ser E) Gln C) Phe 4 How does the protein backbone add to structural stability? 5 Describe some of the features of an α helix. 6. Draw the hydrogen bonding typically found between two residues in an α helix. 7. Describe three of the important features of a β sheet polypeptide structure. 8. In superhelical proteins, such as collagen, several polypeptide helices are intertwined. What is the function of this superhelical twisting?...
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